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How is this newsletter different?

If you are a long term investor and parent like me, you have multiple things competing for your time and attention. You would like to manage your personal finances effectively while investing smartly to build wealth and fund your life’s goals.

The last few years have amplified the amount and volume of “noise” that is being thrown at us. So much information-overload, so many differing opinions, way too much confusion…which generally leads to either inaction or too much trading….often resulting in the loss of opportunity to build personal wealth.

This newsletter attempts to cut through the crap out there, give you the straight story, share some of my opinions, describe my simple yet effective approaches to personal finance and investing and ideally draw you into a conversation through which we will all learn.

I strive to keep my writing brief, actionable and to the point so that you can digest it in a few minutes. I don't write reams of pages of earnings reports that glaze your eyes over. I don't just report the numbers without putting context behind them. I don’t just copy and paste quotes from the earnings call...that's just lazy reporting, imo. I do not write long, technical white papers that look good, but do little in terms of increasing your knowledge.

My entire professional life, I have worked hard to improve how I communicate. My #1 goal is to inform you and to increase your understanding.

Along the way, I would like to learn from each of you as well. Our collective life and investing experiences can make all of us better investors.

And I am a big proponent of pictures over words....less words often work much better. I often use visuals, tables and colors to make comparisons and draw trends.

I use forward-looking and backward-looking trends for analyzing company fundamentals. Many investors get narrowly focused on the most recent quarterly earnings report and the next quarter's estimates. This leads to short-term investing decisions that result in muted portfolio returns.

e.g. My NVDA Q2 & Q3 2022 earnings report briefs informed readers about how the company is undergoing a major product reset and a business pivot. My trend finders told me that it was not the time to sell was, in fact, a good time to buy the stock. Well, on Feb 24th, 2023 the stock closed at $233 or 116% higher than it's 2022 lows.

I do the same thing each quarter...identify which stocks are pivoting out of their macro challenges and have the best potential for higher business growth going forward. These are the companies we want to buy now!

Roadmap to the beach

I strongly recommend you read the posts on this roadmap to my substack. It will give you a good overview of what to expect from my writings, how I approach investing and personal finance as well as more details behind my due diligence and stock analysis methods.

What you can expect

Free subscribers

As a free subscriber, you receive…

my weekly State of the Markets post (every Mon) where I inform you about the top 3-5 things that you need to know as an investor (macro updates, market data, economic reports etc.)…AND…the context and key takeaway for each of these developments. I also include important upcoming market events and current market risks. These posts keep you informed about the underlying health of the market and the tone of movement of stock prices each week.

You may also receive occasional other posts about investing, markets and portfolio management.

Paid subscribers

You receive much, much more....

  • Many more actionable posts about investing, markets and portfolio management

  • You get a special paid-edition of my weekly State of the Markets column (every Mon) with all the content described above....PLUS:

    • A weekly report on Beachman's portfolio, holdings and performance

    • Valuation metrics for Beachman's stocks and watchlist

    • Preferred buypoints and trimpoints for Beachman's stocks and watchlist

    • What Beachman is looking to buy or sell in the week ahead

  • You get earnings briefs on all Beachmans's stocks and other companies that are high on his watchlist. These posts include the fundamental trends over a 4-5 quarter timeframe as well as Beachman's take on whether the stock is going to pivot back to higher prices over the next 12 months

  • Paid subscribers also receive a quarterly report of Beachman's scores for about 50 stocks on his watchlist. The report includes score comparisons for the past 4-5 quarters and you can easily pick the top scoring stocks, see the low scoring stocks and analyze the score trends

  • You also have access to a dedicated paid-subscribers-only, real-time chat space on the Substack app. This is where you can find Beachman during market trading hours. He uses this space to provide timely, intra-day market updates as well as convey all his moves for that particular day

  • About once a month, Beachman publishes a deep dive podcast on a company of interest. These 35-45 minute episodes include a comprehensive look at the company's origins, their business model, their products and services, their founders, their market share, their future potential and Beachman's take on whether he is interested in adding it to his portfolio - why / why not, when and at what price. The podcast episodes also include written transcripts and detailed financial maps

  • And last but not the least, paid subscribers have access to all Beachman's writings - paid and free content, recent and archived posts. You can find all his publications on his substack website here or in the Substack app here

Beachman's website

There are four main sections on the substack site:

Podcast - Markets and Mojitos episodes with deep-dive company analysis by Beachman, while on the hunt for long-term, multi-bagger, investment opportunities

HowTos - Beachman's frameworks, methods and processes for investing, personal financial management and early retirement

Markets - Beachman’s commentary on recent economic developments, key macro indicators, market conditions and global financial data. Also includes his weekly, planned, market and portfolio actions

Portfolio - Beachman’s latest research, new investing ideas, his current portfolio holdings, position sizes, performance numbers, stock valuations, buypoints, trimpoints and more

If you agree, disagree or even have a different perspective on the matters at hand, let me know by posting a comment or question.

Who am I and why do I do this?

I am a retired Fortune 5 executive who loves investing, mathematics, physics and, of course, beaches. This substack will likely develop into a personal finance journal of sorts and I hope over time my kids can benefit from it as they enter adulthood.

So join me on my way to the shore, where the sun is shining, the sand is soft and the water is warm…

What this newsletter is not…

I am not a financial advisor and this newsletter is for educational purposes only. I cannot give you personal finance or investing advice of any kind. Please do your own research and make your own finance and investing decisions.

I try to stay apolitical in my writings, however I sometimes combat misinformation when it is harmful to the community.

Not receiving my emails?

If you subscribe to this newsletter, every new edition goes directly to your inbox. If you are not receiving the emails, please check your SPAM folder. If you are using Gmail, please also check the Promotions tab - if you find my emails there, simply move them to your inbox so that Gmail remembers to do this automatically for you in the future.

How to get the most out of Beachman’s substack?

Again, here is a roadmap, including the posts that you might want to read first.

Where else can you find the Beachman (other than the beach, of course)?

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Growth investing, tech investing, personal finance, early retirement and macro economics with a retired Fortune 10 executive and beach nut



Growth investing, tech investing, personal finance, early retirement and macro economics with a retired Fortune 10 executive and beach nut