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How is this newsletter different?

If you are a long term investor and parent like me, you have multiple things competing for your time and attention. You would like to manage your personal finances effectively while investing smartly to build wealth to fund your life’s goals.

The last two years have amplified the amount and volume of “noise” that is being thrown at us long term investors. So much information-overload, so many differing opinions, way too much confusion…which generally leads to either inaction or too much trading….often resulting in the loss of opportunity to build personal wealth.

This newsletter will attempt to cut through the crap out there, give you the straight story, share some of my opinions, describe my simple yet effective approaches to personal finance and investing and ideally draw you into a conversation through which we will all learn.

Roadmap to the beach

I strongly recommend you read the posts on this roadmap to my substack. It will give you a good overview of what to expect from my writings, how I approach investing and personal finance as well as more details behind my due diligence and stock analysis methods.

What you can expect

As a free subscriber, you will receive occasional posts about investing, markets and portfolio management.

As a paid subscriber, you will receive much more:

  • More posts about investing, markets and portfolio management

  • In-depth posts with analysis, due diligence and earnings reports on Beachman's portfolio stocks

  • Regular, timely updates on Beachman's plan for the markets ahead, including buy-points and trim-points

  • Monthly reports on Beachman's portfolio, including historical performance and comparison against benchmarks

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  • Markets and Mojitos podcast episodes, financial maps and transcripts

I strive to keep my writing brief, actionable and to the point so that you can digest it in a few minutes. If you agree, disagree or even have a different perspective on the matters at hand, let me know by posting a comment or question.

Who am I and why do I do this?

I am a retired Fortune 5 executive who loves investing, mathematics, physics and, of course, beaches. This substack will likely develop into a personal finance journal of sorts and I hope over time my kids can benefit from it as they enter adulthood.

So join me on my way to the shore, where the sun is shining, the sand is soft and the water is warm…

What this newsletter is not…

I am not a financial advisor and this newsletter is for educational purposes only. I cannot give you personal finance or investing advice of any kind. Please do your own research and make your own finance and investing decisions.

I try to stay apolitical in my writings, however I sometimes combat misinformation when it is harmful to the community.

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How to get the most out of Beachman’s substack?

Again, here is a roadmap, including the posts that you might want to read first.

Where else can you find the Beachman (other than the beach, of course)?

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Investing in emerging technology today so that I can lounge on the beach tomorrow….personal finance perspectives from a early-retired Fortune 5 executive